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Annual Report Groupama: "Behind the performance lies a human adventure"

Have a look on www.rapportannuel.groupama.com/en, to discover the annual report of Groupama Group « Behind the performance lies a human adventure ».


Groupama’s Annual Report, “In words and in deeds”

The Groupama Group has launched a website entitled “In words and in deeds” for the publication of its 2013 Annual Report.


First successful sea trial for Franck Cammas aboard Groupama C

After several months undergoing studies and the build process, the first French C-Class, that goes by the name of Groupama C, carried out her very first sea trial today offshore of Lorient, her port of registry.

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Groupama and Orange enter exclusive negotiations for the creation of "Orange Bank", an innovative, 100% mobile bank

Today, Groupama and Orange announce that they are entering exclusive negotiations with a view to working in partnership to develop a new banking model that will enable Groupama to strengthen its online banking business and Orange to successfully diversify into banking services. These negotiations could result in the acquisition by Orange of a 65% stake in Groupama Banque, enabling it to benefit from an existing operational infrastructure for the launch of Orange Bank.


Contemplated simplification of the structure of ownership by Caisse des Dépôts and Groupama of their interest in Icade

Caisse des Dépôts and Groupama indicate considering, in continuity of their partnership, simplifying the structure of ownership of their interest in Icade as reference shareholders of this company.


2015 half-year results

Strong improvement in net income


Groupama is a mutual insurance company, bank and financial services provider with "multi-channel" distribution to serve 13 million members and customers.